Special Starters

Traditional Starters

Lounge India Recommendations

Chef's Special

Duck Dishes

Korma (N) M

(Very mild & creamy)

Kashmir M

(Mild dish cooked with mixed fruit and Cocktail)

Vegetable Dishes (V)

Old Favourite

Famous and the most popular dishes, a mix of mild, fruity, hot and exotic.

Curry - Medium dish cooked with herbs and coriander.
Madras - A popular dish of curry extensively prepared with chilli and lemon juice.
Vindaloo - Very hot, strongly flavoured spices in thick gravy.
Rogon Josh - Medium strength, spiced and garnished with tomatoes and onions.
Dansak - Cooked with lentils, lemon juice and fresh spices, hot, sweet and sour.
Pathia - Sweet and sour dish with onions, tomatoes and fresh spices.
Bhuna - Cooked with onions, capsicum, tomatoes, medium spiced.
Dupiaza - Cooked with chopped onions and seasoned with fresh herbs.
Ceylon - Fairly hot dish, cooked with coconut.
Sag - Medium dish, cooked with spinach.

Seafood Dishes

Type of fish varies with availability

Biryani Dishes

Prepared in Basmati Rice and served with vegetable curry.

Authentic Balti Dishes

These delicious dishes are cooked with blended spices, tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, onions and chef’s special balti paste.

Shabzi - Side Dishes (V)

All these dishes are prepared lightly spiced

Rice Accompaniments

English Cuisine

Breads / Naan

Set Meals


A tandoori is a charcoal fired, beehive shaped, clay oven. Tandoori dishes
are steeped in a mildly spiced, yoghurt based marinade and are light and
easily digested. Ideally eaten with our freshly baked tandoori breads.
V = Vegetarian (N) = Contain Nuts M = Mild = Hot = Very Hot


(Every Sun 12.30pm-11.00pm & Wed 5.30pm-11.30pm)
Choose from our menu: 1 Starter, 1 Main Course,
1 Side Dish & 1 Rice or Nan
only £11.95 per person
(King Prawn, Lamb Chop, Duck and Steak dishes are £2.95 extra)


10% Discount on Collection
(Discount does not apply on Set Meals)
Free home delivery within a 6 mile radius minimum 14


The Management reserves the right to refuse service without any reason.
Alternate dishes can be made upon request.